Sunday, October 12, 2014

Teachers Gone Digital

In the next couple of weeks, a little over a hundred educators from the CNMI would've signed up for a blog. Why now when its the end of the blog era, you may ask? Teachers are ceaseless learners, we continue to search for best practices and find opportunities to better ourselves. Blogging might just be one of them. 

So as part of our year long instructional tech course, here is my two cents about the topic on blogging.

A blog is a way of communicating or exchanging information on the web. It is a portmanteau that combines the word web+log. 

According to blogbasics, blogs had morphed from being a place for rants against your boss or gripes about the coffee shop down the road into informative zones that attract steady streams of dedicated followers. It stated that an average blog with a moderate following can actually generate a steady income for the blogger.

As an educator, I had shared best practices and collaborated with others in the same field through blogs. In the past, I had also used this as a tool to communicate with parents and students.

I think that the benefits and drawbacks of a blog is how readily available it is. It gives us an opportunity to collaborate with other educators on new research, emerging technology tools for the classroom, curriculum resources, and more. On the other hand, anyone can set up a blog and start spouting whatever comes to mind, including garbage. You have to plow through masses of blogs to find something worthwhile.

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